Marcus - Unforgettable (feat. Martinus)

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Marcus - Unforgettable (feat. Martinus)

Unforgettable (feat. Martinus)

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Marcus - Unforgettable (feat. Martinus)

She comes alive at night When her prey’s asleep
Make your eyes go blind And now you’re in too deep

She gon’ chew you up And leave you empty, hollow
Then she’ll spit you out Anyway I follow
She gon hurt you bad But it feels so good
I don’t care No I don’t care

You better know she’s dangerous She is unforgettable
And it feels good it hurts She is unforgettable 

She’s unforgettable She’s unforgettable 

Her love is venomous It’s getting serious

Her love is dangerous And know it it’s venomous
Cuz I feel it inside of me She’s unforgettable 
Her love is dangerous  And know it it’s venomous
Cuz I feel it inside of meSHE IS UNFORGETTABLE


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